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and makeovers! and budget-friendly fixes!) are often the most compelling way to learn. A few bathroom fixtures from our Shop that are a little like instant makeovers: What we learned: More cast iron innovation, on the double! (Spoiler: We're bringing a lightweight, super smooth, very thoughtfully designed cast iron skillet to our Shop very soon.) #4 Amanda Hesser's Best Tips for a Clean, Organized Pantry by Amanda Hesser From our resident organizing queen herself, tips on everything from the best containers (and markers!) to buy to what, exactly, to put on each shelf. You'll be tackling yours in no time. What we learned: Again, that organizing tips know no limit in your estimationand that you like hearing from our trusty co-founders! Some pantry organizers, from our Shop: The One-Inch Way to Make Your Home Look More Welcoming by Amanda Sims I just hung curtains myself and put this into effect100% warming, cozying, and welcoming. What we learned: Easy, high-impact fixes are always welcome (and you even like hearing about curtains and bed skirtswoo hoo!). #2 Toss These Kitchen Items, Feel Instantly Better by Alice Medrich You already know you don't need everything you own, but leave it to Alice Medrich to tell you precisely what needs to go (you'll thank her!). What we learned: Knowing what to get rid of is just as important as knowing the best things to get.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day.' Mayor Andrew Gilich later said, according to a post on the citys official Facebook page. In a statement responding to the controversy, the city said Great Americans Day dates back to a city council proclamation from December 1985 that declared the third Monday of January a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as other great Americans who have made important contributions to the birth, growth and evolution of this country. That proclamation came just before the first national Martin Luther King Jr. Day was celebratedon Jan. 20, 1986. The bill designating the third Monday in January as a legal holiday honoring Kings birthday passed in 1983 , but many cities and states were openly hostile to the holiday at the time. In the statement, Gilich said the Biloxi City Council should update the citys Code of Ordinances on Tuesday to change the citys recognized name of the holiday to Martin Luther King Jr.

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